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SDN always companions with customers’ benefits.

Thanks to the structure and the development of appropriate preferential policies, SDN has been very successful in persuading and continuously calling for many big partners to invest in two Lien Chieu and Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zones.

Attractive incentives

General Manager of Saigon – Danang Investment Corporation (SDN), member of Sai Gon Invest Group (SGI), Mr. Tran Ngoc Diep said, in the context of economic recovery, the situation of attracting investment into SDN's Industrial zones from beginning of the year has positively changed due to the change  in investment trend of foreign investors to Vietnam recently.

It is known that in addition to convenient location and flexible policies, investors and customers operating in Lien Chieu and Expanded Hoa KhanhIndustrial zones also receiving many preferences of the Government of Vietnam when investing in industrial zones. For enterprises in category of hi-tech producing and trading, they shall receive the tax rate of 10% for the first 15 years; Import and export tax incentives for imported equipment and machines for use as fixed assets of projects are tax-free; if the imported goods for the production to export have already paid import tax, import taxwill be refunded.

Besides, SDN also supports all procedures for licensing, guiding initial procedures for establishing new projects in the IZ, assisting in resolving all related administrative issues throughout the famous one-door service in Da Nang City. In addition, the location of Lien Chieu and Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone is a large living area of workers, anabundant source of skilled and low cost laborcompared to other provinces in Vietnam, which is also an advantage for investors to make decisions.

Workers settle down, enterprises prosperly develop.

SDN not onlyfocuses on the technical infrastructure likewastewater treatment system with capacity of 5,000m3 in order tominimize environment pollution, but also cares about social infrastructure in IZs. Specifically, SDN undertakes building IZ system which is friendly with the environment, humanity and different from other IZs. For example, SDN invests in building residential areas with full facilities such as Residential area, Shopping area, Sports area,... and promotesmany high quality servicessuch as nursery school, clinics to bring safety and convenience for workers working in the industrial zones and help enterprises stabilize humanresources and have no worry doing business here.

- Source: Hello Vietnam December, 2014 -