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Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone (IZ) meets the investor’s desires

Besides the potential of Da Nang Economy, Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ has strong Attraction towards us when it meet some conditions such as: Good Supporting Investment Policies, Abudant Workforce, Safety and stability level for investing, propitious supporting importing conditions… so that TCIEV decided to invested here – Chairman of TCIEV Mr. Loh Chun Ying said.

TCIEV is a member of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, Malaysia and has car assembly factories which started operation from June, 2013 based on Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ. The Group had a company in Da Nang before choosing Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ to build up factories because of hard supporting of Da Nang Government as well as SDN’s favourable incentives that to keep investors' mind on their work.

Factories of TCIEV in Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone. Photo: SDN

TCIEV specializes in producing, assembling Nissan Car so the factories need to meet conditions regulated by Nissan and are controlled tightly right the time they were built to ensure any outcome product’s quality. Choosing place, the standards of infrastructures and factory’s conditions…need to meet all of strict regulations  and have permission of Nissan before starting producting and assembling.

In the future, TCIEV want to continue building more factories to expand their business thanks to realizing the great potential of car industry in Viet Nam. TCIEV expect that their future IZ will be meet higher standards such as: security issues, Sanitation, constructing shopping centers, residential areas, sport grounds.. that have been planned by SDN in oder to support better for workers here.


Mr. Tran Ngoc Diep - General Director of SDN visited and worked with Mr. Loh Chun Ying - Chairman of TCIEV. Photo: SDN

-Sketch Pro, Published on Nov. 15th, 2014-