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Lien Chieu Industrial Zone

I. Overview:

Founded on 18th April 1998, Lien Chieu Industrial Zone (IZ) is a big and important IZ in Da Nang City, it locates nearby Hai Van tunnel faciliating transport of goods. Lien Chieu IZ has total area of 289,35 ha, in which 205,16 ha has been planned.

Along with synchronous investment and modern infrastructure system, competitive price policies, flexible payment method and actively support for investors during project implementation make Lien Chieu IZ an attractive investment destination for both Vietnam and foreign investors.

So far, with the utilities and technical infrastructure optimized to serve the need of investors, Lien Chieu IZ is attracting several projects, fields of investment include: Electrical and Electronic devices, components, precision engineering products

·    Strategic Location: Lien Chieu IZ locates on Highway No.1A, it is only 500 m from Hai Van Tunnel, easy to connect with domestic market (Ha Noi, Hue, Highlands Provinces, Binh Dinh, Nha Trang…)

·    Workforce: Young and skilled workforce and a high population is advantages of Da Nang. The labour workforce has been trained from Universities, Colleges, High school and vocational secondary school. The labour workforce makes up 50% of total Da Nang city’s population. In addition, neighboring provinces (Quang Nam, Hue, Quang Ngai, etc.) also provide human resources for recruitment demand.

·    After years going to operate, big investors are now present in Lien Chieu IZ, such as: Crown Packaging Co., Ltd (FDI from Singapore); Da Nang Rubber JSC.; Da Nang Steal JSC.; Endo Chuuzou Co., Ltd (Japan)..

Factories of Crown Da Nang Packaging Co., Ltd in Lien Chieu IZ.