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Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone

I. Overview:

Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone was transmitted from Danang Industrial Zone Infrustructure exploration and Development Company (DAIZICO) to Sai Gon – Da Nang Investment Corporation under Decision 1519/TTg-CN signed by the Government Minister on 6th October, 2005. This large and reputable IZ in Da Nang locates in the architectural complex including industrial zones, urban areas, services areas, with total planning area of 132,6 hectares.

This is also a living area of many workers and an abundant labor resources for the companies investing here.

Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ is contributing effectively into the Economic Model of Industrial Zones Development and attracting more and more investment projects, in which encouraging fields such as forest products, seafood, garments, construction materials, mechanical, packaging, plastic, etc.

·    Strategic Location: Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ locates on main highways that connect with internal market (such as Highland Provinces, Binh Dinh Province, Nha Trang City…), easily approach to neighbor countries: Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.
·    Workforce: Young and skilled workforce and a high population is advantages of Da Nang. The labour workforce has been trained from Universities, Colleges, High school and vocational secondary school. The labour workforce makes up 50% of total Da Nang city’s population. In addition, neighboring provinces (Quang Nam, Hue, Quang Ngai, etc.) also provide human resources for recruitment demand.
·    After years going to operate, big investors are now present in Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ, such as: TCIE Vietnam Co., Ltd (Manufacturing and Assembling Nissan Car); Daeryang Vietnam Co., Ltd; Liwayway Da Nang Food Industry Co., Ltd; Lafien Vina Co., Ltd; Seto Vietnam Co., Ltd, etc.


 The Factories of TCIE Vietnam Co., Ltd in Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ.