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SDN Company is honored and received encouragement from President Tran Dai Quang because of great contributions to society

As pioneer in attracting investment into industrial areas, developing infrastructure and making contribution to development of Da Nang city, SDN has been honored in the program “Honoring businessmen, enterprises having large contributions to society – Ho Chi Minh age Typical Manager”.


Mr. Tran Ngoc Diep – SDN General Director received Typical Businessman Certificate. (Source: SDN)

Expanded Hoa Khanh IP and Lien Chieu IP are the ones directly attracting investment into Da Nang city with total investment capital up to $482 million from nearly 50 domestic and foreign enterprises. Of which FDI enterprises have occupied more than 50% of total investment capital, many of them are large companies such as TCIE Vietnam Company (Malaysia company assembling Nissan cars), Crown Beverage Packaging Company (Singapore Company producing caps for Larue, Heiniken and Tiger), Daeryang Industry Company (Korean Company producing car accessories) and Liwayway Industry Food Company (Phillipines Company producing Oishi Snack). Large Domestic Companies are also included such as Da Nang Rubber JSC, Vietnam Post Corporation, Binh Vinh II JSC and Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Garments Company. SDN and enterprises in the two industrial areas have made remarkable contributions to Da Nang city revenues and create 10.000 jobs for local people.

For this reason, Mr. Tran Ngoc Diep – the Company General Director and another 90 enterprises’ leaders throughout country were honored and received Typical Businessman Certificates in the program “Art Exchange and Honoring 90 typical enterprises and businessmen having large contributions to society, Ho Chi Minh Age Typical Manager”.


Mr. Tran Ngoc Diep – SDN Company General Director received medal at President Palace.

The businessmen also were awarded medals and took photos in the meeting with President in the same day. As representative of Party and Government, President praised and sent congratulations to small and medium-sized enterprises and businessmen with their results and success. President promised to direct departments to solve enterprises and businessmen’s problems, expected Vietnam Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association to do better their duties which include link between enterprises and state agencies, listening to local people’s opinions and enterprises to propose the Party for setting appropriate policies, providing and equipping businessmen with business administration skills, knowledge and experience from developed countries, suggesting authorized agencies for honoring enterprises and businessmen with excellent achievements.



The delegation of typical businessmen greet Mr. President at his palace.